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Souhaib Aouini is an ambitious entrepreneur and business developer with many years of experience in assisting local and international companies, investors, entrepreneurs to achieve new milestones and to manifest new growth opportunities.

He is open to discuss new ideas and new concepts and is willing to connect, inspire, coach and execute. He has three degrees in International Business & Management, Science of Management and Strategic Management. He is active in the Business Consultancy, (Digital & Online) Marketing, F&B and IT & Software industries. Souhaib has been involved with a list of international corporations, SMEs, StartUps and is representing prominent brands in Europe (especially the Netherlands), Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Souhaib’s mission is to bring additional value to companies and manifest with them growth and his willingness in this is to assist any organization achieve new milestones.

Souhaib Aouini

Areas of expertise

  • Sales and business development
  • Marketing (online & offline)
  • Negotiation
  • Growth strategy
  • Alliance formation
  • Strategic partnerships

Areas of expertise

  • Export and Import
  • Market entry strategies
  • International expansion
  • E-Commerce
  • Deal closer
  • Innovation

With over 10 years of experience in consulting, entrepreneurship, management, business development, project management, financial analysis and decision analysis, Souhaib has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.


“We have a strong vision and we have a creative approach to manifest business opportunities and success stories…we assist StartUps, SMEs and Corporate clients with creating new business opportunities, improving the status-quo and boost revenue streams…We have a respected network of partners and collaborators worldwide and we are willing to use all of our resources to assist our clients achieve short and long-term objectives” 

Souhaib Aouini, Founder at Qartago

Before founding Qartago in late 2015, Souhaib joined many companies in MENA region and Europe and has worked on more than 35 projects including the introduction of Shell Card in Tunisia,  assisted in business acquisitions projects, setting franchise formulas in Fast Food branch, product portfolio management, import, export, assisted in the creation of prominent start-up in North Africa called Dokkan. Previously, Souhaib held various management positions at Al Sharafi Group, Manahel El Khalij and at K Trade and Marketing, most recently as Vice President at Open Display, focusing on new business development.

He has also worked as a senior consultant to the IT services industry and works on many new products and ideas



Consulting professionalism

Motivation & guidance

Responsibility & Ownership

Strategy & Honesty

Souhaib commits himself fully to client projects and his tenacity in pursuing a successful outcome is unparalleled

Brian English Founder at Qupact International

I worked several years with Souhaib on different projects. His excellent business development knowledge significantly added value to my business.

Arman Sadoyan Founder at Arkasa Group

I admire and recommend their professionalism as they did an outstanding job for our company with market research.

Michael Muijsers Founder at Bayona Coffee

Great company

Raisul Kabir CEO at Brain Station-23

Souhaib is a great and reliable person with a sense for clear and strategic thinking. He is very reliable and has a huge focus on delivering quality service.

Aziz el Barnoussi IFRS Consultant - Contractor

I find Souhaib as a very proactive, cooperative and honest person with strong ethics. During our collaboration, he has been really supportive to grow the business in the Netherlands. It's always a great pleasure working with him.

Mizanur Rahman CSO at Brain Station-23