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Partner management, also called channel management or relationship management, is one of the most important activities companies must have under control. If third party channels are going to be your preferred Route to Market, place them at the centre of your business universe and place your processes and resources around them.

We see channel management not as something that is “additional” to your company, but as the life-blood of your business. Companies should be engaged in a support process for the channel partner, rather than in a managing role by lecturing the channel partner on how to do better.


Current Services

We can assist your company with the following

  • Profiles of the most suitable partners within the market of choice.
  • A competitive product analysis between your products and those of competitors.
  • Profiles of competitors and complementary suppliers in that specific market.
  • The channels your competitors are using to reach end-customers.

Your Benefits

Benefit 1

Save money

Benefit 4

Tailored to your products

Benefit 2

Save time

Benefit 5

Manage your channels better

Benefit 3

Right prospects and leads

Benefit 6

Understand your markets better


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