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Artificial Intelligence – Workshop at e-office

We joined last month along with other six industry experts from #Military, #Healthcare, #Technology, #Consulting, #HR in a very good, educative and engaging intro session about #Artificial #Intelligence. The workshop was organized by e-office in Houten, the Netherlands, and tackled different areas including general definition, approach, project implementation, their experiences [...]
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MeetINN – ICT Netwerk Nijmegen (Sustainability and durability)

It was a great event organized by MeetINN in #Nijmegen (#ICT Netwerk Nijmegen) and #Radboud University yesterday. This event was a unique opportunity to learn more about how IT is being deployed to attain #sustainability and #durability, thus a positive impact on our eco-#environment. It was a unique opportunity to […]

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MeetINN – ICT Netwerk Nijmegen (Open Source)

We have during month February 2019 a great event organized by MeetINN (hashtag#ICTNetwerkNijmegen) and Isatis Group in Nijmegen. This event was a great opportunity to interact with inspiring individuals and leaders. It was a unique opportunity to witness Hans Bos, National Technology Officer at hashtag#Microsoft hashtag#Netherlands, giving great insights about […]

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PinkWhale on cooperating with Brain Station 23 – An IT Outsourcing success story in the Netherlands

In this blog you read on what the management of PinkWhale had to say on their collaboration with Brain Station-23, headquartered in Bangladesh, which we represent in the Netherlands. After a great hesitation on selecting an IT outsourcing partner, we at Brain Station 23 have established a great cooperation with […]

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